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Rely on MARTA and Uber to get you to the game. MARTA has two stations within walking distance of the Dome, and enjoy a new Uber pick-up and drop-off location just yards away from the Dome.

lGameday A-Z Guide

Gameday A-Z Guide

Accessibility / ADA

The Georgia Dome’s barrier-free environment provides a complete event experience. Elevators, escalators, and ramps make all levels accessible. Depending on specific event configuration, we can provide 500+ wheelchair and companion spaces on the Lower, Club, Mezzanine, and Suite Levels. Disabled guest and companion must have specific tickets for their seats.

Floor seating is available as long as comparable seating is available to the general public (at least one full day after ticket sales begin). The event’s designated seating for wheelchair users, and guests that are visually or hearing impaired guests, is available until such seats are sold out. Up to four companion seats may be purchased for each seat sold to a disabled guest. Limited additional companion seating will be held until the day of the event or until seating is sold out, whichever is sooner. Contact the Dome Ticket Office at 404.223.8428 for other accessible seating issues.

Each Lower, Club, and Mezzanine restroom offers private wheelchair accessible facilities. In addition, accessible private family restrooms, equipped with emergency light pull chains are located on Lower and Mezzanine Levels, in the end zones of the stadium. The Upper Level due to sightline and structural restrictions does not offer accessible eating and restrooms.


Alcohol is served at most Georgia Dome events. Alcohol is only served to guests over 21 years of age, and we check ID every time. Patrons are allowed to purchase two alcoholic beverages at a time.

All events have a mandatory alcohol cut-off time.

For football games beginning before 6 pm, cut-off time for the Executive Levels is 5 minutes before the end of the game, and for public areas, the end of the 3rd quarter.
For football games beginning after 6pm, Executive Levels cut-off time is the end of the 3rd quarter, and for public areas the end of halftime.


With the exception of service animals, all animals & pets are prohibited inside the Dome for any reason.

Assisted Listening

Many events provide a radio channel with a feed from the show audio control. Guests can tune in on their own radios. The Dome’s assisted listening channel is 75.675 MHz.

Atlanta Police Department

On game days, the event staffing includes off-duty members of APD, as well as Georgia State Patrol and Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputies. An APD Captain is the Dome’s dedicated police liaison, and there is an on-site police command post.


ATMs are located at all six main gates, in the Club Level Verizon Lounges, and across from Aisles U10, U15, U25, U36, U43, and U51.

Automobile Assistance

If guests need automobile assistance, please direct them to the nearest Dome Service Center. DSCs are located at each gate.

Baby Changing Stations

Each restroom throughout the Georgia Dome contains a baby changing station.

Bag Inspection / Backpacks

Packages, bags and purses are subject to a visual inspection of the item’s contents at the gates. If staff cannot identify all the contents, guests are asked to move items to allow for a complete inspection. Guests who refuse inspection can be denied entry. In general, backpacks/drawstring of any size are not allowed in the Dome.

For all Atlanta Falcons games, the NFL Clear Bag policy will be enforced. More info on the NFL Clear Bag policy can be found HERE

Banners and Signs

The Georgia Dome encourages fan support. Banners or signs are permitted if they conform to these guidelines:

  • Handheld banners may not exceed 3’ wide x 3’ long, horizontal
  • They do not obstruct building signage, scoreboards or other fans’ sightlines
  • They are event-specific and contain no advertising
  • They are in generally accepted good taste. Note that “good taste” is defined at the discretion of the Dome and the show promoter.
  • Banners and flags no larger than 3’ X 8’ may be affixed to railings (except the Lower Level near the field) with rope or twine. Wire and tape may not be used.
  • Banners or signs on poles are not permitted in the Dome. They may not be attached to long flagpoles.
  • Banners may not be fastened to any surface with tape, staples, Velcro, zip ties, etc.
  • Permanent building signs, white on red, are for venue and emergency directions. Signs brought in by fans may not under any condition obstruct Georgia Dome permanent or temporary event signs.

Cameras and Video Recorders

Still cameras are permitted. Video recorders are not permitted. Any camera with a detachable lens larger than 6” is prohibited. Cell phone cameras are always permitted to use however, selfie sticks are prohibited.

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Cell phone charging stations can be found throughout the Georgia Dome. Below you will find the locations for each level.

  • Lower Level – one location at lower gate B
  • Verizon Club Level lounges – four locations total; two in the north lounge, as well as two in the south lounge.
  • Upper Level – 4 locations total; 1 in each quad of the upper level

Children's Entry Policy

  • For most events, children less than 33” in height (or shorter than the turnstile bar) may enter without a ticket.
  • Some events may specify different policies for children
  • A child who enters without a ticket must sit in a guardian’s lap, and may not interfere with the sightlines or game experience of other guests.

Club Level & Club Lounges

  • For most events, the Verizon Wireless Club Level is exclusive to executive members. Guests must have a valid Club or Suite Ticket to enter the Club Level and Lounges.
  • 2-View Restaurant is located on the east end of Mezzanine Level, at Aisle M34. It is open to all guests in the 200 and Executive Levels.
  • The Verizon Wireless Club Level contains concierge desks, ATMs and merchandise stands, located in both Club Lounges.
  • Patrons with disabilities and their guests may utilize Club Level entrances, including elevators, to access their seats in the mezzanine level, and may have one companion accompany them.

Code of Conduct

The National Football League, Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Dome are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable game-day experience within the Georgia Dome and surrounding property. The Fan Code of Conduct outlines the guidelines all fans entering the Georgia Dome must adhere to to help achieve this goal, and may be found by clicking here.

The Fan Code of Conduct prohibits the following:

  • Foul, obscene or abusive language or actions, as determined by the Georgia Dome or show promoter
  • Fighting
  • Verbal or physical harassment of other fans.
  • Unruly or careless behavior
  • A level of intoxication that creates a disruption to the nearby fans
  • Wearing obscene or indecent clothing
  • Smoking, except in designated areas outside the Georgia Dome

If any of the above situations occur, an usher will ask the guest to stop the behavior, issue a warning of possible ejection for a second occurrence and notify a supervisor. At the second occurrence of the behavior, Dome Security/Police process the guest through Dome Security, escort him/her out of the facility and complete an incident report.

The following actions are considered criminal offences and must be handled by a police officer. We do not issue warnings for these behaviors. Contact a supervisor or Dome Control immediately for a police response:

  • Interfering with the progress of the event, entering or throwing any object on the field.
  • Indecent exposure

To report inappropriate behavior, fans should report the behavior to security personnel. Security will issue a warning of possible ejection for a second occurrence and notify a supervisor. At the second occurrence, Dome Security/Police process the guest through Dome Security, escort him/her out of the facility and complete an incident report.

  • Fans may text their issue to the keyword “Dome” to 69050
  • Call the assistance hotline at 404-223-8850

Comment Cards

The Dome welcomes comments and suggestions from our guests. Cards are located at Dome Service Centers at each gate, and are turned in to the Administration Manager for response and follow-up.


Levy Restaurants manages food and beverage concessions at the Georgia Dome. Concession stands are located throughout the concourses.


Beverage containers are prohibited inside the Dome.

Small personal coolers containing medical supplies or special dietary needs may be brought into the building with a letter of approval from the Dome’s Administration Manager. To obtain the letter, please contact (404) 223-9200 at least 72 hours prior to the event.

Credit Cards

All merchandise stands, portable food carts, and permanent concession stands throughout the Georgia Dome accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Designated Driver Programs

Team Dome wants guests to enjoy each event and have a safe trip home. Guests at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license are eligible to be “Designated Drivers” and may sign up at Dome Service Centers. For signing a pledge not to drink alcoholic beverages during the event and for accepting responsibility for driving other members of their group home, “Designated Drivers” can register to win free prizes during events.

Dome Dollars

Guests can order Dome Dollars in $5.00 increments in advance of event day by contacting Levy Restaurants Sales, 404-223-8500. The Dollars are prepaid with a credit card and picked up from the Levy sales representative on event day. They are accepted at food / beverage concession stands on each level, but not at merchandise stands.

Dome Service Centers

Dome Service Centers are located at each gate, where Guest Services staff provides event and building information. Guests can also pick up wheelchairs and smoking wristbands here. Lost and found items and lost children are kept at the Dome Service Centers during events.

Drinking Fountains

  • Gates A, B, C, D on the Lower Level
  • Club Level at Ramps 2, 3, 6 and 8
  • Mezzanine at Aisle M1, M6, M10, M15, M27, M32, M36, M41
  • At Ramps 1, 4, 5 and 8 on the Upper Level.

Dropping Off Guests

Fans that need to drop off attendees for an Atlanta Falcons game, can do so on Rhodes Street across from Gate A. Fans travelling south on Northside Drive will be able to turn right onto Rhodes Street. Fans travelling north on Northside Drive will need to turn left onto Carter Street.


Smoking or vaping with an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is strictly prohibited inside of the building. These guests should be directed to the nearest Dome Service Center to receive a smoking wristband so they may be allowed to exit the building to smoke.


  • Public gates are Gates A, B, Upper Gate C, Lower Gate C, Upper Gate D and Lower Gate D.
  • Guests with Mezzanine tickets should enter the gate indicated on their tickets.
  • Gate F for most events is reserved for Executive Members (Suite and Club Seat ticket holders.)
  • Gate E is generally a non-public gate.

Entry Search

All events at the Georgia Dome require guests to submit to bag inspections for entry. All bags brought into the stadium must able to fit into a 12″ X 12″ X 12″ template. In addition, some events could require guests to pass successfully through a metal detector screening.

In general, backpacks/drawstring of any size are not allowed in the Dome.

For all Atlanta Falcons games, the NFL Clear Bag policy will be enforced. More info on the NFL Clear Bag policy can be found HERE

Elevators and Escalators

Elevators and escalators are accessible throughout the Dome for all fans. Escalators are located at the gates, at the corners of the Dome.


For most events, re-entry is not allowed. Guests who wish to smoke may obtain a smoking wristband from the nearest Dome Service Center and exit and re-enter via the designated smoking exit doors.

First Aid

First Aid Station locations:

  • Floor Level by Security, x 8091
  • Lower Level at Gate D, x 3582
  • Club Level at Ramp #3, located behind the 1876 Bar
  • Upper Level at U22, x 3708

Food and Beverage Policies

The Georgia Dome offers a variety of food choices at its concession stands. Guests may not bring outside food or beverages into the Dome. Items may be consumed outside the Dome, returned to a vehicle, or thrown into the trash.

High School Football Tribute

The tribute to Georgia High School Football is a popular photo op, located at Gate C. A large display of helmets from Georgia High School Association teams features a locator key to help you find your team’s helmet.


Distributing handbills, flyers, pamphlets or other printed materials is not permitted on Georgia Dome property without written consent from the Georgia Dome.

Lost and Found

Items left in the seating bowl are brought to the nearest Dome Service Center located at each gate. After the event, guests may call GWCC Public Safety at 404-223-4978 to claim their lost items.


Guests can purchase event specific merchandise throughout the Georgia Dome.

Mezzanine Level

  • For Falcons games, the Mezzanine Level includes sections 201-216 and 227-243, and is considered separate from the Club Level seats, although both are on the 200–level. Mezzanine tickets are not allowed in Club sections.
  • To enter and exit Mezzanine sections, guests use the Mezzanine stairs at each gate, on the Lower Level.
  • Smoking: Mezzanine guests may take the stairs at Aisles M4, M12, M30 and M38 down to gate level and obtain a smoking wristband at any gate for smoking areas outside the gates.
  • Accessible seating is located in front of the 1876 Bar on the west end, and in front 2View Restaurant on the east end. Due to limited accessible seating, one guest with a non-mezzanine ticket may sit with a guest with a disability. These guests may access their seats through the Club Level Concourse; this is the only exception.
  • The end zone doors on the Mezzanine Level (near the 1876 Bar and 2View) are for emergency exit only. Dome personnel may use the Mezzanine end zone doors.

Noise Making Devices

Artificial noisemakers are not permitted inside the Dome. Any exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Dome.

Nursing Mothers

Direct guests with specific needs to the nearest First Aid room. Dome Service Center staff may be able to assist with a private area.

Owner's Club

The Owner’s Club is a private hospitality space on the 100-Level between the 40-yard lines.


Guest paging is not available at the Georgia Dome.

Party Suites

A limited number of party suites are available for individual event leasing for Georgia Dome events. Please contact Georgia Dome Sales at (404) 223-8200 during business hours for additional information.

Pay Telephones

Pay telephone locations:

  • Aisle L43, Gate D on the Lower Level
  • Near the ramps on the Upper Level

Penthouse Suite

The Penthouse Suite is located on the Upper Level at the top of sections 347 and 348. Access to this suite is at the tops of aisles U46 and U48, with a specific penthouse suite ticket.

Perform at a Game

Information on performing at a Falcons home game can be found here.

Private Events

For More information on hosting a private event, caontact Georgia Dome Sales during business hours at (404) 223-8200.


The Georgia Dome promotes a family environment. Profanity will not be tolerated. If you receive a complaint of profanity from a guest, notify security. Guest Management will speak to the individual(s) and ask them for their cooperation. If the party chooses not to cooperate they may be ejected from the facility. Use of profanity by Team Dome members will not be tolerated. Offenders are subject to disciplinary action.

Profanity towards athletes, coaches, and officials WILL NOT be tolerated.

Prohibited Items

For comfort and security, guests are not permitted to enter the Georgia Dome with the following items:

  • Alcohol
  • Animals, except certified, leashed service animals
  • Artificial noisemakers including air horns
  • Backpacks
  • Bottles and cans
  • Bicycles and skateboards
  • Confetti
  • Coolers
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Fireworks, sparklers or smoke-producing devices of any kind
  • Flagpoles
  • Food and beverages, with the exception of special medical or dietary needs.
  • Frisbees
  • “Heelies”, rollerblades and scooters
  • Helium-filled balloons
  • Illegal drugs
  • Inflatable balls
  • Large bags, larger than 12”X12”X12”
  • Laser pointers
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Silly String
  • Tripods
  • Video recorders, unless permitted by the show
  • Weapons (See WEAPONS)


Throwing items inside the building is not allowed. Offenders will be warned and then subject to ejection.

Public Transportation

MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) operates throughout metro Atlanta. Rates are $2.50 for each trip. The Vine City MARTA station is outside Gate A. The Philips Arena / Georgia Dome station is accessible outside Gate D and Upper Gates C and D.


Radios are welcome into the Dome, provided they are equipped with earphones.


Please utilize our designated recycling containers for bottles, cans, plastic and clean paper products. They are separated off-site and recycled into new products

Re-Entry Policy

Re-entry is not allowed for most events


The Georgia Dome provides 69 restrooms located throughout the venue. Each has a baby-changing station, and most have a child-holding seat in one stall.

Family / Special needs restrooms are located in the following areas:

  • Aisle L6, Lower Level
  • Aisle L32, Lower Level
  • Club Level, west end concourse behind Taco Mac
  • AL Level, east and west end concourses
  • BL Level, west end concourse
  • Aisle U41, Upper Level


Selling any ticket for any price including face value is prohibited on Dome, Congress Center or Centennial Park property. By law, ticket sellers must remain 2700’ away from our property.

Seat View

To preview the view from your seat before heading to the game, please visit the Falcons Tickets page by clicking here.

Segway Transporters

Segways are considered mobility assistance devices, like wheelchairs. They are allowed, but must not obstruct aisles, seats, stairwells or gates, and must not obstruct the normal flow of pedestrian traffic. The Georgia Dome is not responsible for Segways left unattended.

Services for Guests with Disabilities

The Georgia Dome is accessible to the disabled community through various structural features and operational services. The following services are available.

  • Assisted Listening Devices
  • Concessions and Retail Merchandising Areas: Retail areas, bars and permanent concession stands throughout the Dome are equipped with 34-inch counters.
  • Parking: Parking spaces are available for guests with disabilities located in the Red Deck. Vehicle must display a current handicap hangtag; one person in the vehicle must produce a photo ID to match the name on the tag. This person must hold a valid event ticket.
  • The Gold Deck is sometimes available for accessible parking, depending on the event. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved. Van and single-spaced parking is available at various lots and decks.
  • Easy Access: The Georgia Dome offers convenient wheelchair / scooter / walker access doors at each gate, in addition to ramps, escalators and elevators located throughout the building.
  • Elevators: Eight passenger elevators in the Dome are easily accessible at the gates. The elevators are equipped with audible tone and Braille floor level indicators. Patrons with disabilities and their guests may utilize Club Level entrances, including elevators, to access their seats in the mezzanine level, and may have one companion accompany them.
  • Emergency Procedures for Guests with Disabilities: Customer service personnel have been trained on the emergency preparedness and procedures, including total or partial evacuation. Designated Team Dome members will have the primary duty of assisting guests with disabilities to specific locations.
  • Restrooms: Wheelchair accessible stalls are located throughout the Georgia Dome in public restrooms on Lower Level, Club Level, and Mezzanine Level. Private family and special needs restrooms equipped with emergency assistance pull chains are located near Aisles L6, L32, on the Club Level near 2View Restaurant, and at Aisle U41.
  • Service Animals: Only dogs and miniature horses are currently designated by the ADA as service animals, and only if trained to perform work directly related to an individual’s disability. Individual is not required to present the animal’s certification papers.
  • Tickets: Accessible seating is available on Lower Level and Club/Mezzanine Level for Georgia Dome events. Suites can also provide accessible seating. Guest with disability and companion must have specific tickets for their seats.
  • Wheelchair Service – Guests can check out wheelchairs on a first-come, first-served basis at each gate Dome Service Center. We will hold a credit card imprint as a security deposit, refunded with the return of the chair. DSC staff can escort guests to their seats, with no security deposit. Assistance is available before, during, and after the event.


  • Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited in the Georgia Dome.
  • Guests pick up smoking wristbands after showing valid game ticket at the Dome Service Centers. Both the wristband and the valid ticket are required for re-entry. Smoking areas are located outside the gates.


The Georgia Dome welcomes guests with strollers, as long as they do not prohibit the normal flow of traffic or take up a space designated for persons with disabilities. The Georgia Dome is not responsible for strollers left unattended.

Strollers can also be checked at a Dome Service Center, provided space is available.


  • The Georgia Dome has 163 individual executive suites on A and B Levels, 1 penthouse suite on the Upper Level, and eight (8) super suites on B Level.
  • Guest must have a valid Suite Ticket or Suite Pass to access these areas.
  • For more information on the Georgia Dome Suites, please contact
    • For Falcons game day suites, contact Atlanta Falcons Sales, (404)223-8497 or (888)333-4406
    • For non-Falcons event suites, contact Georgia Dome Sales at (404) 223-8200.

Tag-A-Kid program

The Tag-A-Kid program allows guests attending events with young children to obtain a wristband displaying their name, parent’s names, phone number and seat location to aid in the safe return of their children should they become separated. Tag-A-Kid wristbands are issued at the Dome Service Centers.


  • Tailgating before events is allowed in all Dome flat parking lots, and is specifically prohibited in the campus multi-level garages.
  • Vehicles may take up only one parking space, and tailgating equipment may not extend beyond the parking space, or impede vehicles driving through the lot.
  • Grills, chairs, coolers and other equipment may not take up a parking space. Tailgating is confined to the area directly behind the vehicle.
  • Adjacent landscaped areas are common areas and may not be claimed exclusively.
  • Dispose of trash in appropriate receptacles. Dispose of coals in coal containers provided in the lots.


Taxi companies have cabs circling nearby after most large Dome events . The most reliable places to direct guests are Upper Andrew Young International Boulevard, around Philips Arena, GWCC main entrance or the Omni Hotel. Direct guests to exit Upper Gate C or Upper Gate D and walk across International Plaza to the taxi stands.


  • Both the Georgia Dome Ticket Office and the Falcons Ticket Office are located at Gate E. The offices are open from 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Non-Falcons tickets: (404) 223-8428. Falcons’ tickets: (404) 223-8444.
  • The event day ticket windows for both the Georgia Dome and Atlanta Falcons are located on the West Plaza between Gates B and Gate C.
  • Ticket Office hours will vary for events taking place on a Saturday or Sunday. Please refer to your Event Information Sheet for specific details.
  • ADA seating to Falcons games is available for purchase through Ticketmaster. Exchanges for ADA seating for Falcons games are serviced on a first-come first-serve basis. Seating will be exchanged, if available, in the same price category. If an even exchange is not available then fans may pay the difference in price if a higher price category is available.

Guests may also purchase tickets to most Georgia Dome events by phoning Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 or visiting www.ticketmaster.com.


The Georgia Dome hosts group tours of the stadium by appointment only. call (404) 223-8687 for additional details.


Umbrellas may be brought into the Georgia Dome but are not permitted to be open. On rainy days umbrella bags are available at Dome Service Centers.


The Georgia Dome offers free Wi-Fi as a complimentary service to fans. Fans can access the Internet by joining the Wi-Fi network “DomeWiFi” on their mobile devices while in the stadium. Learn more here.

Will Call

Will Call for most events is located at the Georgia Dome Ticket Office at Gate E.