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Season Ticket Holder Basics

How can I update the contact information on my account?

Season ticket holders are able to update account information inside their MyFalcons Account. View our Step by Step Guide

How do I receive the Official Falcons Gear Discount on Merchandise?

The discount code for Official Falcons Gear can be found inside your MyFalcons Account.

When will I know my seats for this season?

All season ticket holders have been assigned seats for 2014, you can view your seats inside your MyFalcons Account.

When will single game tickets go on sale?

Single game tickets are on sale now. Season ticket holders can purchase through Ticketmaster or by clicking here. All season ticket holders received a pre-sale passcode through email.

How can I buy parking?

Parking is now availble in your MyFalcons Account. The deadline has passed to purchase parking for 2014 but is currently still available in season ticket holder accounts.

When will tickets be shipped to season ticket holders?

Season tickets are scheduled to be shipped in late July to season ticket holders that have completed payment on their season ticlets.

2014 London Game – Season Ticket Holder FAQ

Why did you decide to play a game in London?

We, along with Mayor Reed, Governor Deal and other leaders of economic development in our city and state, see this as a great opportunity to showcase the Falcons, Atlanta and the entire state of Georgia to a large international audience. We believe this opportunity will help promote and drive tourism and business development. We are also proud to represent and support the NFL in building its global brand. The league's games in London are very good for the sport.

Who will you play against, and what date is the game?

The Falcons will be playing the Detriot Lions on October 26th

How are the teams selected by the NFL?

The NFL looks for teams that they feel would be of interest to UK fans, along with teams that they know feel strongly about increasing the NFL’s international fan base and expanding their own brands globally. There is plenty of interest by NFL teams to participate in the NFL International Series. The Falcons expressed an interest in being considered.

Did the Falcons have the option of saying no to this game?

We were not required to play this game, but we think it's an honor to have been selected.

You're giving up a home game. Couldn't you have been the visiting team?

The schedule of opponents plays a role in the selection of home versus away teams. In addition, the home team receives certain privileges and benefits, such as branding in Wembley Stadium to make it look and feel like a home game right down to the crowd support, and substantial marketing and communications opportunities that will showcase the team and Atlanta. In addition, there is a home field advantage generated by the crowd.

Do you make additional money by moving the game?

No. NFL International largely controls the game. The Falcons and Georgia Dome do get reimbursed for any lost income related to one fewer home game, and NFL International covers the costs of the team travelling to and from the game.

Since the Falcons are losing a home game next year, how does this affect season ticket prices?

Season ticket holders will receive a renewal statement that will reflect pricing for nine games in 2014.

Will this happen regularly? Should I anticipate this to be the new reality each season?

We do not expect this to be a regular occurrence. Over the past eight years, 14 different NFL teams have played a total of nine International Series games. We would evaluate any future years on a case by case basis.

Will season ticket holders have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the London game?

Season ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase up to four tickets on a first-come-first-served basis. Tickets will be available for sale later this year.

Will the Falcons offer travel packages for sale?

Yes. Details regarding travel packages will be made available later this year.