Youth Football Appreciation Day: Sunday, November 30th!

7:01 am, October 20, 2014 Discounted Tickets Can be Purchased here

Online Ticket Programs


Your MyFalcons Account  allows you to manage your  tickets online! You can choose to sell, email or print up until two (2) hours prior to game time. The barcodes on your original tickets become invalid and the recipient of your tickets will be issued new tickets to print from their printer and bring it to the game. It's that simple! Starting this season, printing and forwarding tickets is now FREE for season ticket holders!

NFL TicketExchange

Can’t make it to a game or have a last-minute obligation? Now you can sell your tickets through ticketmaster.

  •  Log in to your MyFalcons Account using your account number and password
  • Select the tickets you want to sell and click Post Tickets
    for Sale
  • You will be redirected to TicketExchange
  • First time users of NFL  Ticket Exchange will be required to register and create a new password
  • Once registered, you will not need to log back in if you enter through your MyFalcons Account
  • If you experience issues with your posting please contact ticketmaster at 1.888.635.5944 or


Print My Tickets

Lost your tickets? Need to print them out in a hurry and don’t have your originals with you? Now you can do it quickly from your personal printer up to 2 hours prior to kick off and avoid the $20 nonrefundable reprint fee per ticket on game day!

  • Log in to your MyFalcons Account using your account number and password
  • Select the tickets you want to print and click Print My Ticket
  • If you experience issues with printing your tickets, please contact ticketmaster at 1.866.381.8924 or


Don't let your tickets go to waste! Someone you know would love to experience the Falcons just like you do! Email them to a family member, friend or colleague !

  • Log in to your MyFalcons Account using your account number and password
  • Select the tickets you want to forward and click Ticketforward
  • If you experience issues with emailing your tickets, please contact ticketmaster at 1.866.381.8924 or


Frequently Asked Questions

 What is NFL TicketExchange and how does it work?

NFL Ticket Exchange at powered by Ticketmaster is the NFL’s official new online service that brings real fans together to buy and sell tickets. It’s the only authorized way to sell Falcons season tickets and it features two huge advantages over the other guys: you get guaranteed payment by direct deposit and you never have to deal with ticket delivery!


How does it work?

If you’re a season ticket holder with seats in the 100, 200 Mezzanine, and 300 levels you can take advantage of this new service through your My Falcons Account. It’s easy: log in to your My Falcons account, select the tickets you want to sell, and click the Sell button. If this is your first time reselling tickets, you’ll be redirected to NFL Ticket Exchange at where you will register and create a resale account and password. After that, whenever you sign in to your team My Falcons Account, you’ll be signed into and linked to your new NFL Ticket Exchange account automatically for a simple and seamless selling experience.


How are my tickets delivered to the buyer?

You don’t have to do a thing—delivery is automatic. Ticketmaster generates tickets with new barcodes and sends them to buyers electronically. The barcodes on your original tickets will be deactivated—please discard the tickets when they sell.


How will I receive payment for my sold tickets?

Payment is automatic for a hassle-free seller experience. The money goes directly into the checking or savings account you registered when you created your NFL Ticket Exchange account. Note: your “posting price” (the price buyers pay) is the price you choose minus a 10% seller fee.


Once my tickets have been posted for sale, can I change my mind?

Once your tickets have been sold, you have transferred all rights to your seats and no longer have access to your seats for the game date sold. Your original tickets will no longer be valid for entry and should be destroyed immediately to avoid confusion. In the event the game is rescheduled or cancelled, you will not be eligible for a refund or exchanges.

Until your tickets have been purchased, you may cancel or change the details of your posted tickets or the “posting price”.

  • Log into your account via
  • To change your posting, select "update" next to the tickets you'd like to edit.
  • To cancel you tickets from being sold or to cancel a portion of your seats from being sold, select "cancel" next to your posting. Then select the tickets that you would like to post for sale.

I or my guests didn’t receive my tickets via email or I lost the email.

Please contact Ticketmaster Customer Service 24 hours, 7 days a week at 1-800-653-8000 or via email at  (Cut and copy link into browser, link allows you to email for assistance).

For more Ticketmaster questions: