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Season Ticket Members

Renewal & Ticket Purchase Agreement

Ticket Purchase Agreement: The Atlanta Falcons strictly enforces ticket sales, renewals and payment deadlines. Once a payment has been made, all monies are nonrefundable, nontransferable and your account can not be cancelled. Once you have purchased/renewed your seats, they cannot be deleted from your account until the renewal period.

Once your account is renewed, all monies are nonrefundable, and seats can not be deleted. By not making payments on time, you risk losing your seat location and/or the cancellation of your Season Ticket Account.  If your account is canceled your account seniority and all monies paid are forfeited and are nonrefundable.


  • Phone – Dial 404.223.8000, and select 3 when prompted. You will need your account number and password/PIN
  • Online – Pay quickly and securely online through www.myfalconstickets.com. You will need your account number and password/PIN

*A $20.00 service fee will be charged for all returned checks and declined monthly payments. Please plan accordingly for your monthly payments, the Atlanta Falcons are not responsible for any fees incurred from your bank or credit cards due to an overdraft. Failure to make monthly payments may result in the escalation of the account needing to be paid in full prior to the final payment deadline.

Ownership Privileges

Your Season Ticket Account is a renewable, revocable license and may be withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of the Atlanta Falcons. All account holders are subject to the rules, regulations and policies of the Falcons, the Georgia Dome and the National Football League. The Falcons retain the option to cancel an account or relocate seats assigned to an account for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Failure to meet payment or renewal deadlines
  • Violations of Season Ticket Member Code of Conduct
  • Scalping or resale of tickets
  • Stadium construction and/ or reconfiguration of seating areas
  • Ownership disputes
  • Changes in Falcons Season Ticket policies

Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Tickets

In the event that you have lost, stolen or destroyed tickets, we recommend reprinting your tickets through your online ticket management account. To get started visit www.myfalconstickets.com and select ‘MY FALCONS ACCOUNT.’ Access your account using your season ticket id number and choose ‘MANAGE YOUR TICKETS’.

If you need the Atlanta Falcons Office to reprint your tickets, please read below for the policies regarding the replacement of tickets:

  1. Do not have tickets on game day – Go to the Falcons Customer Service Windows located between Gates B and C on the north side of the Georgia Dome for assistance. Only the Season Ticket Account Holder of record can request the tickets and must pay a $20 reprint fee.
  2. Stolen Tickets – The Season Ticket Account Holder of record must present a letter explaining the circumstances of the theft accompanied by a copy of the official police report and copy of the account holder’s Driver’s License. These documents may be presented in person at the Falcons Ticket Office.
  3. Lost or Destroyed Tickets – The Season Ticket Account Holder of record must present a letter explaining the circumstances of the loss along with a copy of the account holder’s Driver’s License. These documents may be presented in person at the Falcons Ticket Office.

For the protection for each Season Ticket Member, tickets will not be replaced for any person other than the registered account holder as shown in the active Season Ticket Account by the Atlanta Falcons. This policy is strictly enforced.

Game Date/Time Changes:

The Falcons and the NFL reserve the right to change the date and/or starting time of any game. In the event of such a change, all media will be alerted immediately. No such change shall entitle a ticket holder to any type of credit or refund.

Deleting Seats:

Seats can be deleted from your account prior to the renewal deadline. You must contact the service team and complete the Delete Seat Request Form in order to remove a seat from your account for the 2016 season; email us at fans@falcons.nfl.com or call us at 404.223.8000 and select option 3. Seats can not be deleted after the renewal deadline.

In order to maximize the use of seats by other Season Ticket Members, the Falcons reserve the right to adjust your seat assignment when a single seat is deleted or when a deletion results in a single seat in the row.

Changes to Account:

Account holder of record is the only person able to make any transactions concerning a season ticket account. These transactions include, but are not limited to: changes to address, email and phone numbers, reprinting of tickets, requests for payment and detailed account information, seat additions and deletions and requests for seat relocations.

Email, phone and address changes can be made through your online account. Address changes must be made by June 1st for your season tickets to be mailed to the new address. Addresses changes will not be allowed online from June 2nd until the start of the first preseason game.

Transfer of Account/Seats:

The Atlanta Falcons designing of the Relocation Process is to reward our loyal Season Ticket Members by allowing them the chance to relocate seat locations and request to add additional seats (if seating is available based on seniority of account). Therefore, any attempt to sell or otherwise transfer season ticket privileges to third parties will not be recognized by the Falcons and may result in cancellation of all season ticket privileges.

The transfer of an account or seat location to any person or company is not permissible, whether requested to transfer the account into another name or by an attempt to transfer the seat locations by sale, gift, transfer by will or trust, property settlement, transfer to creditors or any other means. Any court order directing distribution of season tickets to a person not listed as the season ticket member, whether bankruptcy or otherwise, will result in the Falcons exercising its right to immediately withdraw the license represented by the tickets, including any season ticket renewal privileges, upon refund by the Falcons of all amounts paid for games that have not yet been played.


  1. Transfers to a Season Ticket Account Member’s immediate family member (spouse, parent, child or sibling).
  2. Company name changes (due to acquisition or merger) or transfers between company name and company owner.
    • Requests for transfers will be accepted between January 1st and June 1st.

All requests are subject to review and approval on a case-by-case basis. Upon presentation of substantiating documentation and approval of the transfer, the seniority year will be retained when an account is transferred. When a partial transfer of season tickets is made, the seniority year will be retained in the original account and a new seniority year will be assigned to the new account.

Account transfers cannot be made after season tickets have been printed.

The Falcons reserve the right to approve or reject any requests at our discretion.

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